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objectifcoaching.com/components/league/rencontres-amicales-60-ans.php International project VORTEX SPORT created for popularization of power sports, union of different sport directions, conducting mass and individual competitions, high-quality video production, sport products line manufacture.


ekarabyvazab.tk Our motto: “Uniting the strongest”. The stars of different sports participate in various projects of the VORTEX SPORT, became the honored guests our events and competitions that conducting under the VORTEX SPORT brand, and also participate as experts in different analytics broadcasts.

mamalkomora.ga Under the aegis of VORTEX SPORT already exists a several directions.


maisonducalvet.com/rotorto-dating-gay.php VORTEX SPORT BATTLE – this is sport events in which in one-on-one format the best representatives of various sports compete with each other on a sports ground equipped to perform complexes of power and functional exercises.

volunteerparks.org/wp-content/fyhudaji/762.php Teaching master classes and analytical programs for all interested in various power sports and also martial arts.

TEAM VORTEX SPORT – this is multi-format sportsmen association performing on behalf of the Vortex Sport project in different competitions of the highest level.
Joining the Team Vortex Sport accessible both sport community (clubs) and individual sportsmen who share the goals, policies and values of the Vortex Sport project.

In the plans of VORTEX SPORT there are many different projects related to mass and professional sports.