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What are the battles and why are they so popular?

Translator’s Note: In the original text, the word “заруба”(rus, [zaruba]) is used. This is a more colloquial form of the word “battle”.

In the Internet is gaining popularity spectacular videos with a loud title “Battle”, which are attended by well-known bloggers and athletes. The largest project dealing with the battles in Russia is Vortex Sport, which organizes a large-scale Grand Prix tournament within the framework of the VI International Festival of Sport and Healthy Lifestyle SN PRO EXPO FORUM 2018.
The most popular athletes under the banners of the top Russian-speaking Youtube channels will take part in the competitions. We decided to tell you about this new phenomenon and talked with the organizers of the Vortex Sport project. – What is a battle?

– The battle is called a duel between rivals from various sports disciplines. This is a meeting of approximately equal in terms of level of athletes or entire teams that have great motivation or uneasy sports relations among themselves and want to find out which of them is tougher.
In Germany until recently, there was a whole league of Strength Wars, in which guys from different types of power sports were pulling huge weights, competing for speed. Their videos were quite popular on YouTube. – What is the idea of creating Vortex Sport Battle and how do you differ from others?

– Of course, the idea to push representatives from different sports in a one-on-one competition is not new. On the Internet you will find a lot of different videos with a title, for example, “Kachok vs. fighter, who is stronger?”. But the format that we conceived: with a professional approach, serious production, design and promotion, in Russia we have not found any analogues.
The idea of Vortex Sport Battle is a new approach to non-aggressive sporting confrontation: who is stronger and sturdier – a sambo wrestler or a bodybuilder, a crossfit champion or an armwrestler. The first competition took place in October 2017, and now Vortex Sport has a large fan team already. – Now videos with battles on your channel are gaining hundreds of thousands of views. How do you think, why did these competitions get such a big response among spectators and participants?

– Because Vortex has covered with its tournaments completely different layers of our society: we compete with honored athletes, world champions in their disciplines, as well as very popular on the Internet athletes and videoblogers. Each of them has its own army of fans who believe that it is their idol that is tougher than the rest. But under no other circumstances, these people could
not “fight” with each other and “dot the i” in many disputes. And we have made universal rules,
specially equipped arena, where there are spectators, judges, two (sometimes four) participants, who are trying to find out here and now, which of them is stronger and more enduring. So all this became very demanded and at the same time it is clear to the simple inhabitant. – Why did you decide to go beyond the Internet and organize whole shows?

– We initially did not create an Internet project, but the TV project and our shows have been broadcasted on the Russian Extreme TV channel since the very first season. We are confident that this project will soon be on federal television as well.
Internet nowadays is the best field for PR, creation of history and attraction of fans to the project.
We work in all social networks and see that the audience is growing every day! – What sports disciplines are involved in your battles?

– At us representatives of absolutely any sports disciplines can participate, if training allows them. Less than a year, on our sport ground were: sambo, bodybuilding, vorkaut, weightlifting, karate, rugby, American football, powerlifting, power extreme, streetlifting, stage extreme, crossfit, functional all-around, crosslifting, freestyle wrestling, mixfight, beach bodybuilding, combat sambo. And these representatives were not random people, but champions of Russia, world champions and well-deserved masters of sports. Agree that the list is more than impressive? And this is not the limit!

– Why did you choose SN PRO EXPO FORUM for the Grand Prix this year?

– SN PRO is the most exciting sport and healthy lifestyle festival that takes place every year in our country. Yes, perhaps, even in Europe. Where, as not on SN PRO, should resound at the top of one’s voice our motto “Unite the strongest”?

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Instant saturation

Residents of St.Petersburg prefer to eat a junk food for lunch or ready-mate dishes, and slowly but surely refuse taken from home lunch.

St.Petersburg market of canteen service even in crisis has a large potential to growth. Data of SPBU (St.Petersburg University) research indicates that about 40% of residents never visit canteen service and don’t order food delivery. And they bring lunch from home, that cooked there. In last years players of market bends every effort to this people, and gradually manage to incline this category of people to the transition from cooking to buying.

Delivery split

In “Dostaevsky” company tell, if earlier just special companies are engaged in mobility nutrition for office, that concentrated on lunch production and its delivery, then now ordinary cafés and restaurants are actively entering the market.

“Any office building is enclosed by several points, where business-lunch is offered. But there menu change rarely and choice is limited” – tell in the company – “But as market develops, clients have become more demanding, they want a variety of assortment, speed and quality. And therefore we see rapid growth of the number of orders in lunch time: people don’t have enough neighboring cafes”.

“At the same time pizza and sushi remain the most popular positions for delivery in offices to lunch” – the company add. “We recently add substantial combo-sets for one person, but now peak of its orders fall on evening, strangely enough”, – wonder in “Dostaevsky” company.

Alexey Burov, the co-owner of Restaurant group Burov and Kokkov, agree: in a year many restaurants got a delivery, appeared more services like “Batch of food” (rus. “Партия еды”), that deliver lunches, dinners or just prepared foodstuffs, but at the same time its isn’t restaurants. He adds, what restaurant market increase in 5-6% in the year, but food delivery segment increase more actively. “According to my evaluation, this growth not less than 15%” – tell Burov – ” Progressively less people bring food to the office from home, because the choice of formats for ready lunches is huge. And cooking format in stores full compete with both canteen service, and food from home”. Food delivery become cheaper, and next step for St.Petersburg market is expansion of outsource delivery services for restaurants like Moscow “Food Fox”. It simplify delivery for restaurateur, solve the problem of minimal sum of an order and reduce the price of service generally” – consider Bugrov.

Food of future

Some of businessman offer unusual solution of the problem. For example, SmartFood Digital Meal company make an instant drink, that replace full-valuable lunch. Similar product with name “Soylent” already some years actively make in USA. “Our product is specially designed for those who have time trouble and don’t have time for break for lunch. Saturation come instant and last to 4 hours”, – Vladimir Falkov tell, the head of SmartFood.

Timur Kuzmin, the founder of Vortex Sport, adds, what for world industries of nutrition now is actual the task to help a person to refuse unhelpful meal. His company is busy in coffee vending machines, but to end of the year the businessman plans to make vending machines for offices and schools, where will deliver ready-made dishes. “For example, Americans eat while continuing to work at the computer, and the same burgers and sandwiches. In sport another extreme – exaggerated attention to composition” – Kuzmin argues – “Café or junk food – it’s the series of compromises. Quickly, cheap and tasteless. Tasteful, but long and expensive. If you add at least one more criteria –  vegetarianism, a diet or non-standard schedule, then you will remain hungry. Our idea is an “smart fridge”, where meals were delivered from the menu on preorder in the morning. Vending is cheaper: delivery for dozens of people with certain time gap, rather than each separately at an unpredictable point in time”.

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TOP-20 young and prospective: the rating of RBC

RBC publish third list of “heroes of tomorrow”, the young people, which work in leading branches and creating new economics and culture of country.

We decided not to simplify the task and did not include in the list any of the participants of last year’s study, although most of them still meet the stated criteria. But to search and find new names is more interesting.

For the list of “young and prospective” we chose candidates, which corresponding to the name literally. “Young” means that participants of the list aren’t more than 35 years old at time of publication. “Prospective” means that they have a vast development potential, against which their current position, size of business and authority in their field aren’t large.

We continue to believe in large perspectives of Vitaliy Buterin, Yury Dud, Nikolay Davydov and other participants of the list of 2017, but also we continue to look for other heroes, which can still be called “undervalued”.

Click here to view the rating.

As before we don’t include in our list peoples from large category “heirs”. And not because we doubt in their prospective, on the contrary children of prominent businessmen, influential officials and statesmen often can look more prospective than our heroes. True, under the condition only, that their fathers save money, influence and power. We don’t know they could save their potential in a honest market struggle, therefore we don’t consider it fair to put them on a par with our heroes, which began with a much more modest position.

The final variant of TOP-20 could have more last names, but we were choosing one absolute leader or key participant, if in one project or company several persons were according to our criteria. Each of the finalist present certain direction, field or sector, and in order to get the widest possible picture of the “future”, we left one person per sector. Almost always such people was more, and we were choosing one of them on the basis of many different facts, but absolutely subjectively. We didn’t assign participants seats, they are arranged in random order.

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Heroes of tomorrow: the announcement of new number RBC magazine

In the May issue of the magazine we publish third list of “heroes of tomorrow”. They work in a variety and always leading branches of business, culture and science, creating new economics and future of country. Who is this persons?

“Young” means that participants of the list aren’t more than 35 years old at time of publication.
“Prospective” means that they have a vast development potential, against which their current position, size of business and authority in their field aren’t large. Traditionally we don’t exclude a category of “heirs” from potentials participants. Undoubtedly, children of prominent businessmen, influential officials and statesmen can have brilliant perspectives, but we don’t consider it fair to put them on a par with our heroes, which began with a much more modest position.

One of the founders of “Motorika” company, Ilya Cech busied oneself with robotics 5 years ago, creating the company W.E.A.S. Robotics together with team of persons in the same year from NRU ITMO (St.Petersburg). The team took up a variety of projects – from drone development or walking robots to automated boot for lifting a motorcycle on a pickup truck. And when Vasily Khlebnikov, the owner of industrial 3D printing service Can Touch, offered Ilya to do a social project – to make functional prosthesis for children, Cech agreed immediately. With time from this initiative the company has grown, which first in Russia start streaming production and sale of bionic prosthesis for hands. Read more in story “Hands-robots”.

Timur Kuzmin 15 years old, he is most young participant of the list. But his first stock (more $300 th.) he earned at 13 years on the computer program for coffee machines and vending automates. We can only guess, how most of us would spend such money at this age, but Timur invested part of money in a new business. Together with his coach in sambo, he created Vortex Sport – the company, that organize “sport battles”, the competitions between representatives of different sports. After three seasons the company earned on advertising RUB 3.2 million. This is approximately half of money, that Timur invested in it, but 3 more season will bring the project to payback, he is sure. Read more in story “Not child battles”.

One of main problems of personal data market is total lack of trust. People don’t trust to companies, collecting data about their interests and actions, companies don’t trust each other, the is afraid of information leak or theft of data, scandals around Facebook or GetContact add nothing good to the market. In this conditions, who will be able to agree on cooperation of players from “different side”, has perfect chance to get ahead. The company “Trampoline” headed by Daria Konstantinova exists a little over a year, but already can boast of first achievements. About it in story ” Data intermediaries”.

As ever, in the magazine is a big investigation. In the past in the sport society “Dinamo” was employees of law enforcement agencies only, but with time it has become a sports society for officials in general. Now it has 1 million members, 640 objects of real estate approximately, 50 hunting ground and source of cash in the form of contributions. But, per se, all this is based on the Soviet system, which is gradually surrendered to the onslaught of capitalism. What will the sporting society expect in the near future? Read in the article “Empire of Dynamo”.

Russian state fight against tobacco ever harder, and here is results: every year number of smokers descends, sales of cigarettes are falling. But this struggle led to the rapid growth of the illegal tobacco market: by some estimates, since 2010 its volume has grown almost 80 times. How works this market and why it grows at such a frantic pace – read in the article “Illegal smoke”.

About this and much more read in the new number of RBC magazine, that went on sale 24 May.

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“Soviet Sport” about Vortex Sport Battle project

Imagine yourself a huge room has a ceiling height of 20 meters, there placed stands filled with audience. In the different corners placed TV cameras, along the perimeter is light towers, speakers and others equipment required for filming process. The real feeling is that you are in a movie studio.

In the center is a brightly lighted arena, that is approximately 10 by 10 meters, with chin-up bars, barbells, kettlebells, huge balls. Hundreds of people stands by the fences; they loudly support a participant.

At the same time in the arena two strongman racing one another pull up on bars, on either neck hangs imposing chain weighing 20 kg, as it later turned out. Ahead of them are waiting incredible size circus dumbbells, barbells that are weighed down with discs, and at the and either will get two metal balloon weighed not less than a centner, which will have to be held for a long time in the hands.

Who is the first to pass all the tests will become the winner of a duel. All of this take place under a strict look of third participant of the show, the famous actor and powerlifter Pavel Badyrov, who is entrusted with the role of the emcee.

Vortex Sport Battle – its name of this project. It differs from ordinary competitions in power extreme, weightlifting or now fashionable crossfit is that representatives of absolutely different sports participate in competitions, people are not random, but honored athletes, which have achieved medals and titles in his career.

Absolute champion of Russia in bodybuilding competed with member of national team in power extreme, world champion in karate challenged elite representative of crossfit and MMA-fighter from Canada fought with Russian acrobat, the master of sport in trampolining. For each pair a unique program of exercises is chosen, everything made so, that no one has advantage, that each sportsman has usual and absolutely unknown exercises. It add for each duel incredible drive, often intrigue keep safe to the end.

Notable, what the idea of competition in this format came to a very young guy – fifteen-year-old Timur Kuzmin.

“The idea of Vortex Sport Battle consists in a new format non-aggressive sport confrontation: who is stronger and more enduring – cambo wrestler or bodybuilder, a champion in crossfit or arm wrestler. While engaged in mixfight, I offered my coach to hold such a competition. Idea was liked and this was taken seriously. Now we have large team, that conduct events, provide taking video, post-production and PR-support of project”, – tell Timur.

“That active participant of our competitions is titled representatives of martial art isn’t contingency. Now around us is so much aggression and my idea founded on desire to confirm words of Pierre de Coubertin: «O Sport, You Are Peace»”.

Timur’s coach and co-founder of the Vortex Sport, the world champion in combat sambo, Arthur Korchemnyi, tell about first successes of the project:
“Vortex Sport Battle exists less than half-year and during this time in our area already acted such celebrities as world champion in sambo Denis Goltsov, absolute champion in bodybuilding Sergey Taranukho, double world champion in karate kyokushinkai Elena Gulko and many others. Here, every athlete is a name with dozens of awards behind him and tries to represent their sport with dignity. Our task is to make product with TV quality, now we made three full season and conclude a treaty with one of cable TV-channel. The project was originally conceived as an international, in order to in our competitions athletes from Finland, Spain and Canada already participated.”

In the room the atmosphere of the holiday, the audience recklessly support the athletes, a concentration sport stars, famous businessman and sport functionary exceed all limits. Legend of bodybuilding Sergey Karandashov, the champion of Arnold Classic Svetlana Eregina, the creator of Iron World Vasily Kuznetsov, and also famous fighters: M-1 star Sergey Romanov and world champion in kickboxing Ruslan Bikmenov.

The event goes on 4 hours approximately, taking several confrontations one by one. And in the outcomes of confrontations, there are a lot of surprises: athletes split two kettlebells one by one in excitement. It would seem, the most familiar and crown exercise became for one of participant insuperable barrier, but persistence and work in spite of “I can’t” bring a victory to more obstinate sportsman over more highly skilled.

This unusual sport show has a good potential, for its development it will be interesting to watch not only the audience, but also professional athletes.

Original (RUS)

Arthur Korchemnyi told about the launch of a new project Vortex Sport, which unites different sporting directions

One of the founders of the Vortex Sport project, Arthur Korchemnyi told about the idea of creating a unique project for Russia, about picking up of opponents, exercises and much more.

You are famous as the world champion in combat sambo, as coach who brought up a lot of successful fighters. What encouraged you to step aside from the fighting and create a Vortex Sport project?

Not to say what I step aside from battles of fighting. I have got into the habit to develop a few project in parallel. It’s just one more sporting trend in which I with other organizers saw the perspective.
We want to make an interesting project where we will stake on a very high-quality video-product, interesting stories and confrontations. Also we have ideas for mass sport.

What represent the Vortex Sport project? Tell me in more details, how did the idea of creation arise?

Vortex Sport project created to popularize of power sports, unite of various sports, conduct mass and individual sport competitions, produce high-quality video, make a line of sports products and much more. What you will see in first series of the Vortex Sport Battle – this is only one of the directions of the big project, the tip of the iceberg. This is first attempt at writing in the new area, so to speak.
Of course, the idea of pushing representatives of various sports in one-one-one competition and on a universal sports ground isn’t new. In the Internet you will find a lot of different videos with a title, for example, “Strongman vs. fighter. Who is stronger?”. In Germany, as we know, there is whole league “Strength Wars”: representatives of different power sports lift huge weights and compete who will do it faster. These videos are popular enough on YouTube. But I honestly say, in the format that we thought out, there are no analogues in Russia.

Who of athletes participates in the first battle? How were they chosen? Where any surprises for you in the competition?

Our goal was choose at once strongest representatives of various sports, choose famous athletes, media personalities. We held negotiations, chosen athletes. As result, in the first season of the Vortex Sport Battle participated:
Yuri Karpenko, the vice-champion of Russia in bodybuilding, Nikolay Goncharov, the champion of St. Petersburg in sambo, Alexander Butenko, the ex-champion M1-Challenge, Roman Khrennikov, the vice-champion of Big Cup 2017 for the title the most physical prepared athlete of Russia, Max Baruzdin, holder of six power records, entered in the Russian book of records, Elizaveta Karpova, winner of crossfit tournament, Irina Omelyanova, the vice-champion of Europe in sambo and Denis Levizov, the champion of St. Petersburg in Greco-Roman wrestling.
All of them are eminent athletes, they achieved a great success in their sport, appeared on television and on the Internet. For example, three days before a performance in our project, Max Baruzdin appears in a “I can” project at the First Channel where he broke 10 steel bolts with his bare hands in front of viewers. His opponent, Denis Levizov, vice versa qualify in the show “Ninja” at the First Channel after performance in our project. The fights of Alexander Butenko you could see many times at the channels “Russia 2” and “Match TV”.
Of course, there were surprises, many of them you will see very soon, now we are finishing work on the first series of the first season.

Who work up the exercises? And how was it chosen?

We have technical specialist, certificated coach in crossfit, I have thirty years of sporting experience and we have, said so, “initiative group”. Together we discussed a program of each duel, chose exercises so that no one of the participants can do it easy. The sense of Vortex Sport Battle is not only in the victory over opponent, but also in overcoming oneself. Many of the participants after their first battle said that for them it was a completely new experience and that’s really cool.

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Timur Kuzmin: How the idea of the Vortex Sport Battle was appeared

Timur Kuzmin, one of the most youngest businessman of our country, in an interview with RBC told about his projects that brought to him the first money and also shared how the idea was appeared to create a Vortex Sport Battle competitions.

“At 2013 when I was 11, my parents dispatched me to study in secondary school in Miami, where my elder sister was living. She was carrying on business is related to sale and repair of coffee machines.

My parents considered, what american education system give a person more opportunities, but failed. I was studying unwillingly, friendship with american classmate wasn’t going well.
From boredom I were spending the most part of free time in workshop where automatic coffee machines were repaired.

Once I got the idea to cross coffee machine and playing machine. You expect to cup of coffee, but on coffee machine’s display appear the message: “Shit happens! – Better luck next time.” The first victims of “new software” were mechanics were working in the workshop. They were laughing, and later sister accidentally saw the joke. Unexpectedly she said that it was cool. Only it’s no need to deprive a person of coffee and vice versa give him a bun, a candy, a prize. She was the first to understand that this was marketing break.

So, in february 2015, I developed the software that allows to draw prizes on coffee machines. The solution was registered as Team Vortex brand. The introduction of the solution was handling by the sister company and I was offered to become a managing partner. The most successful transaction was sale in 2016 termless license of Russian company, it brought 730 000$. My part of profit was 316 000$.

In 2016 my father returned me to Russia, dispatched in a school with hard regime and made mandatory condition: “If you want to carry on business, do it after school and training in single combat (4-5 training a week)”. Study and preparing of lessons at school until 5:30PM, an hour for rest, then training until 8:30PM. If you have the strength and all task done, you can be a businessman even before midnight.

A year later the “hard regime”, I offered to my coaches a joint business, the sport project. The idea of Vortex Sport is a new format of sport confrontation: who is stronger – sambo wrestler or bodybuilder, champion in crossfit or arm wrestler? Coaches liked the idea and they took it serious.

My investment in Vortex Sport is 4,2 million RUB.The first competition of the Vortex Sport Battle was on 21 october this(2017) year in St. Petersburg. Second was on 2 december. As of today the sale of sponsorship packages brought the project 1.2 million RUB. I suppose that starting from fifth competition, project will be no-loss at the exp[ece of partner programs”.

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